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Authentic Movement Open Evenings are offered a couple of times a year and provide opportunities for both new and experienced movers to dip in and explore the creative and healing power of this somatic practice. Designed to be valuable one-time experiences, and as orientations before joining a group or signing up for a retreat.

Authentic Movement Groups nurture depth and safety, which grows over time, creating a shared culture of increasing honesty, vulnerability and playfulness. Being part of a group offers opportunities to learn from and be supported by others, and to practice being true to one’s self while in community. Together we uncover surprises, develop new perspectives on habitual roles, and find inspiration amid the mysterious unfolding of our collective consciousness. This ongoing group re-enrolls twice a year. Members often continue for multiple cycles, or take breaks and return later. With each cycle we usually have space to welcome a few new members.

Authentic Movement Open Evening

Postponed due to COVID - Next Date TBA...

For women, new and experienced movers welcome. Meets pre-requisite for enrolling in a group or retreat. Sliding Scale: $25- $45, 20% off with Pre-Registration.
Western Sky Studio 2525 8th St. Suite #13a, Berkeley

Authentic Movement Women’s Group

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 6:30 - 9 pm

By application, 10 Women Maximum, 10 Session Commitment:
Mar 11, 25, April 8, 22, May 13, 27, June 10, 24, July 8, 22, Aug 12
Sliding Scale: $70 – $130 per-month / $385 – $715 total
Western Sky Studio 2525 8th St. Suite #13a, Berkeley
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“Lysa has a remarkable gift for holding the circle, and bringing a sense of sacredness, safety, and ritual to that circle.”
— M. H. Writer, Singer, Teacher

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