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Authentic Movement is a simple yet profound embodied awareness practice that helps reawaken body wisdom, creative inspiration, and empathy for self and others. With eyes closed, participants explore movement, vocal sound, and stillness in the presence of an attentive and empathetic witness. The movement that emerges may be active, subtle, passionate, restful, playful, primal, or sublime.

Through mindful inner listening, the “mover” follows kinesthetic, sensory, imaginative, and emotive impulses. The “witness” practices being present for the mover’s unfolding journey with compassionate awareness, while simultaneously practicing remaining connected to themselves. Together they create a nurturing container for welcoming vulnerability, dropping into beingness, opening to the mystical, and expanding possibilities for new actions. Movement explorations are followed by journaling, drawing, and respectfully structured speaking to support gentle transitioning and grounded integration.

More About Authentic Movement...

Authentic Movement was first pioneered by Mary Starks Whitehouse (as Moving in Depth) and further developed by Janet Adler. Mary’s work began with Modern Dance improvisation and evolved into Dance Therapy by integrating the Jungian principal of Active Imagination. Janet named and refined Authentic Movement as both a psychological and a mystical discipline, contributing many of the signature characteristics recognized as part of the form today. My training was at the Authentic Movement Institute with Neala Haze, Tina Stromsted, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow.

Authentic Movement is practiced internationally as a dance therapy modality and as a creative and sacred practice. Egalitarian by nature, based in self-listening and mutual respect, Authentic Movement continues to evolve with each person who steps into it and brings their unique needs and body wisdom.

“The heart of the practice is about the longing, as well as the fear, to see ourselves clearly. We repeatedly discover that such an experience of clarity is deeply and inextricably related to the gift of being seen clearly by another.”
— Janet Adler, The Collective Body

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“Authentic Movement has changed me permanently, opening up playfulness and feeling and a sense of connection.”
— S. G.  UC Berkeley Professor

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