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Individual Sessions

Individual movement sessions provide a spacious container for delving into personal themes, intentions, and layers of experience. Sessions can be primarily Authentic Movement, Body Tales, or a combination of the two practices. Some people find the privacy and intimacy of one-on-one work preferable to being in a group, others do individual sessions for a while before joining a group, or concurrent with being in a group. My role as witness, at times, includes offering guidance and suggestions incorporating techniques from the Hakomi Method and other somatic healing modalities.

Individual movement sessions support:

  • Cultivating inner-guided creativity, spontaneity, and embodied spirituality
  • Exploring images, dreams, memories, beliefs, and shadow material
  • Strengthening authenticity, artistry, authority, and resilience
  • Practicing somatic resourcing skills for self-care and self-regulation
  • Expressing, feeling, and being – during transitions, illness, grief…
  • Inspiring, revitalizing, and developing creative projects
  • Receiving mentoring for bringing somatic practices into your work

80 Minute Individual Sessions for a Siding Scale of $90 – $140
In Sebastopol at the Blue Pearl Temple, on private land, on Mondays & Fridays
& Berkeley at Spring Fall Studio, 2547 8th St #20, on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays

Scheduling individual sessions weekly or every other week is helpful for establishing safety, familiarity and continuity. For those who have worked with me in the past (privately or in a group), occasional sessions are also available.

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Please note: These sessions are not meant to replace psychotherapy. Most people who work with me are also seeing a therapist and /or have done years of psychotherapy and other personal growth work.

“I have worked with Lysa for over ten years, in a group and individually, and it has deeply enriched both my personal and professional life.”
— Individual Session Participant, MFT Registered Play Therapist

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